So, it’s January 1st 2012 and once again I have decided to forgo my usual new year resolution making. I used to make these lofty goals about being a better person and not shouting at my sister etc. (well, I was ten years old a the time). But for the past few years I have freed myself up from all those obligations and the pressure that I put on myself on a daily basis has lessened greatly as a result.

Believe me, this is a good thing, because I am always very hard on myself and used to be even more so in January as I battled my natural urge to sleep in by getting up early and forcing myself to do yoga before work or even worse, go to the gym! I would start each year with such good intentions and when I would inevitably fail then I would spend the rest of the year beating myself up about not being able to be good enough for … myself.

So, this New Year I suggest you give up the resolutions. Don’t put pressure on yourself to lose stones or become a vegetarian or give up smoking or whatever you’ve been beating yourself up about. Don’t even feel pressured into coming to yoga or Pilates with me (although I’d love to see you). Instead, the only resolution I have made is to be kind to myself and I want you to do the same. Who knows where it will lead us??