As many of you know, my mentor and teacher Max Strom had a heart attack just over a week ago. Thankfully he was operated on and is now recovering in California before starting his gruelling tour schedule again in January 2017.

This really got me thinking…

If someone who is a vegan, non-drinker, regular meditator and yoga practitioner can have this happen, then what about the rest of us??

What if, unlike Max, you eat junk food from morning to night, have a fondness for Scotland’s national 1epekvndrink (either Irn Bru or Whisky) or lead a generally sedentary life where all you do is move from the bed to the car to the office chair to the car to the sofa to bed?

What if your job or your family life (or both!) is really stressful?

What if the lifestyle choices we make, the food we eat, even the amount of sleep we get is making us ill?

And, as we move into the month of December we have a tendency to burn the candle at both ends with festive activities in spite of the short days which sets us up for potential illness. This might be as simple as a sniffle or as serious as what happened to Max.

Don’t worry though. I’m not going to suggest you change your diet or come to a yoga class with me (although it would be nice to see you!)

I’m just going to ask that you

think of yourself,

as well as your loved ones, this December and give yourself some self-care when you can. Choose foods that nourish you rather than comfort foods. Have a soak in an aromatherapy bath rather than slumping mindlessly in front of the telly. Get outside in the daylight when you can and use a SAD lamp for those grey and rainy days.

It’s what I’ll be doing because it feels better than worrying about doing all the wrong things. I’m hoping it will help to keep me well and I’d love to hear back from you. What self-care strategies do you have to avoid getting sick? Please share them on the Facebook Group or email me.

I’m considering creating a quick self-care series for the Festive period and I’d love to know if this is something you’d appreciate so I really do want your responses.