As I hinted to my mailing list last week, I have a BIG announcement! I want to hop in quickly and say that “No! I am NOT pregnant” but instead this is a different kind of baby – the all new StretchBodyMind!

I came up with the concept for StretchBodyMind last October and saw it as an extension of my Stretch NI classes, and then my Stretch Scotland studio. Like all babies, there was a gestation period which, for me, took longer than an average human baby. I only gave birth to the new StretchBodyMind this month so it took just over a year to work out what exactly the business is and how exactly it can help you.

Here are some details about the new StretchBodyMind:

  • What we do –

Train people to become Pilates Instructors, Yoga Teachers or Barre Instructors and provide CPD training and personal development courses.

  • How we do it –

We offer a range of online, face-to-face and blended courses to help you become a professionally trained fitness and health professional in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

  • Why we do it – 

After 3 years of successfully training people to become Pilates Instructors through Stretch NI I wanted to expand this out into Yoga Teacher Training, Barre Instructor Training and other CPD (Continuing Professional Development) courses as well as Personal Development Courses.

  • Who is behind the new StretchBodyMind – 

Vic tongue

  • Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – Victoria Cunningham-Downey


  • Chief Operations Officer (COO) – Chris Downey


  • Chief Mischief Maker (CMM) – Foxy Downey


  • What courses are coming up?
  1. StretchBodyMind 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training accredited by Yoga Alliance UK starts 27-31 Jan and takes place over 6 months in a residential setting at An Creagan, Omagh, Northern Ireland.
  2. StretchBodyMind Active IQ Diploma in Instructing Pilates Matwork starts 8-9 Feb and takes place over 2 weekends at a gorgeous venue in Glasgow’s City Centre.
  3. I am hosting TASK Ireland’s first Scottish Kinesiology Practitioner Training which starts in April and takes place over 4 days at a Glasgow City Centre venue.

Details of these and other courses will be available under the ‘Mind’ tab on the menu above.

I hope that this big announcement isn’t too big for you! In fact, if you’ve been following me closely over the last couple of months then it won’t seem all that big at all. But, for me, the biggest part of the new StretchBodyMind is that Chris is involved on an official capacity, rather than as just my husband and supporter (and personal chef). It is a HUGE thing for me that he believes in StretchBodyMind enough to make it our business. We will be working together to make your learning experience as good as possible. In the first instance, expect to see a much nicer website and clearer communication because Chris is a dab hand at graphic design! We are also hoping to stretch further in 2014 by offering Stretch Business Mentoring which will incorporate NLP (neuro linguistic programming) and life coaching techniques. However, I’ll leave that big announcement to another day!