I’m taking a brief interlude in Northern Ireland this weekend and hadn’t realised how much I wish missing Gwen and Andy until I realised it had been 2 months since I last saw them.

That means it has been 2 months since we returned from our holiday of a lifetime in Australia. My tan has completely faded now but my memories of blue skies and even bluer seas are still strong.

So this week’s stretch note is a little pause to reflect on some of my favourite memories and share them with you…

(Cue the Tony Hart Gallery music!)


Bondi Beach


Having my first VB of the trip. I had to – it’s named after me!


We are good Scots and stayed opposite the Highlander Bar


Raising a glass to the big red rock AKA Uluru


Sydney Opera House


Hanging out at the Big Banana


The Three Sisters at the Blue Mountains


Ommmmmm on the Gold Coast