I didn’t think I would be interested in the Commonwealth Games but as its right on my doorstep here in Glasgow I have already more involved than I thought.


Me with Clyde on a rainy Glasgow day

First off, the weather has been lovely since the above picture was taken and so it was enjoyable to wait for the Queen’s Baton Relay (which came through Shawlands and Battlefield where I live) outside at the pub. It’s lovely to be here when it’s warm!

Foxy and I at the pub!

Foxy and I at the pub!

Secondly, there is a buzz about the city that is palpable. Just by walking about the Southside or nipping into town I really feel like I’m part of something! Imagine how cool it felt to watch the Opening Ceremony on TV and then nip out to walk Foxy and see the plumes from the Red Arrows. Considering I live about half a mile from Hampden and less than 3 miles from Celtic Park and the Velodrome I was even able to watch the fireworks (but thankfully not Su-Bo).

I am hoping that I’ll be able to do something “stretchy” during the Games to capture some of this energy. I want to stretch myself by getting my promotional hat on and letting people know about all the StretchBodyMind Trainings coming up in September. There will be Pilates Matwork Instructor Training in Lurgan AND Glasgow. There will also be StretchBodyMind Yoga Teacher Training in Wishaw!

So, do you, or anyone you know, want to change your life by training with me? Seriously! I am looking for people who want a new healthy career as a Yoga Teacher or Pilates Instructor. Or someone who wants to add these qualifications to their existing portfolio.

If that’s you, then get in touch! I am available all weekend on 07734650517 if you want a chat with me. Otherwise, you can contact me by email or on Facebook and I’ll explain more about these trainings and how they could change your life