Thank you to everyone who wrote in about the upcoming OM Yoga Show in Glasgow. I am pleased to announce that my winners are:

  • Jacqui O’Kane
  • Rhona Watt
  • Nicola Haston
  • Ann Brodie
  • Laura Gunning

Congratulations you guys! You have won a pair of weekend tickets, worth £30, courtesy of OM Magazine. Please email me with your postal address so they can get those tickets to you as soon as possible.

If you haven’t been lucky enough to win, you can still save money by buying tickets online prior to the event. Day tickets are £9 on the door or £7.50 in advance. Check out OM Yoga Show for details of the event (including pictures of yours truly!) or book your tickets via Eventbrite. Don’t forget that the cost of my workshops are included in your entry fee.

And before I go, I just want to point out that while I’m excited to be a part of the OM Yoga Show I do NOT condone the use of the young, white, skinny, bendy model in their advertising. It’s a shame that anyone would look at the woman over there on my sidebar and think that they had to live up to that ideal before they could attend the show. I firmly believe that EVERY body is a yoga body and will be doing my bit for the Yoga & Body Image Coalition during the show by wearing my t-shirt and being my usual imperfect self!