Day 20:

I totally forgot to start this a day later than planned so it would actually end on Leap Day. So maybe that means I’ll have to extend it by a day!

Anyway, today’s practice was short but sweet. A nice little flow courtesy of an old DVD Chris got me when he worked at HMV. It is called ‘Beyond Dynamic Yoga’ by two English people – Annabelle Purnell and William Robertson. It is a strong ashtanga vinyasa sequence but it starts with an unusual warm-up to improve strength and stamina and that is what I did this morning.

The DVD came out in 2001 and I have owned it since 2004 but had forgotten about how good it is. I am so glad to be doing this challenge as it has forced me to dust off old DVDs and rediscover the classics. Hidden under this one was John Scott’s Ashtanga DVD which I might attempt tomorrow!