Yesterday Chris and I had lunch at Tapa – a deli style cafe on the Pollockshaws Road in Glasgow. The place was highly recommended to me by Mark and his husband Daniel and it even had a big sign outside saying “Best coffee in the city by a country mile” or something like that.

coffeeNow, Gwen always says “Self praise is no recommendation” and in this case (as in most cases if I’m honest), she is completely right!

The thing is, I went there last week as well with Patricia and it wasn’t very nice then either but I thought that, because we didn’t drink coffee, we weren’t able to fully appreciate it and Chris should be able to try it for himself. But this week it was just the same. Overpriced, a bit smelly (burnt cheese I think), with bad service (we had our meals about 10 minutes before we finally got our drinks) and full of smug, sanctimonious people who could afford to buy a sarnie for almost a tenner!

The whole experience has left a bad taste in my mouth. In fact, I can still smell the place on my clothes and it is making me gag a little. And the coffee? Chris says it was bland and definitely not the best he’s had. So, maybe I should think first before going by recommendation…