I have been off college for the last 2 weeks for Easter but I haven’t had a chance for a rest. Between creating business plans, developing my coursework portfolio, practicing reflexology, aromatherapy and advanced massage techniques and teaching my normal Pilates and Yoga classes at Battlefield Chiropractic as well as interviewing my Coach Hillary Rubin [check out last week’s post] and planning the newest StretchBodyMind Pilates Instructor Training I haven’t had a minute!

no-cakes-sweets-chocolate-crispsNormally when I’m busy like this I reach for the chocolate and sweets but, even though it’s Easter, I have NOT been eating chocolate this year! In fact, I started a new eating plan last Monday and I am loving how full of energy I feel without the sugar cravings that were totally taking over my life. I will tell you more once I’ve been on this plan a little longer and I’ll even include before and after pictures!!

In the meantime, I want to hear from you. What would you like to see more of in your weekly Stretch Note? In between chomping on your Easter Eggs I’d love it if you could answer a couple of questions for me. Everyone who answers will receive a little something from me as a thank you. (Hint: It’s a meditation so it’s entirely non-fattening!) Just click HERE to be brought to the survey.