Thanks for all your kind wishes about my sore tooth. I had a terrible weekend of pain but it has eased considerably and I can finally eat on my good side again!

I really fancied a change from all that tooth trauma and so I have been a busy bee and have announced the dates for the latest Pilates Matwork Instructor Training. So if you fancy a change in career (or even just a change in scenery) then join me at my new prestigious Glasgow city-centre location on 12th & 13th July and 9th & 10th August for the Active IQ Level 3 Diploma in Instructing Pilates Matwork. Check out the Pilates page for more details, including Earlybird pricing.

And I also fancied a change from Glasgow so, in spite of being buried in consultation forms and Anatomy & Physiology revision for my Complementary Therapies course, I have managed to wangle myself a ticket to the Om Yoga Show in Manchester and I’m really looking forward to my wee adventure. I want to give you a breakdown of how this happened:

  • Last Month – I got my Om Yoga & Lifestyle Magazine and had a glance at the Om Yoga Show and then promptly forgot about it until…
  • Today (Thursday, 2pm) – I was having a facial in College (one of the perks of the course!) and I thought “I’d like to go to that Yoga Show. The one I went to in London was great, although it took a lot of advance planning and cost us a fortune.”
  • Today, 7pm- I hopped onto the Internet to write this very blog post when my hand slipped across to the Trainline page and I started to check out prices for train travel in just 2 short days.
  • 9pm – I contacted another student to see if she was interested and when she said “Yes!” I booked us two tickets to the Om Yoga Show THIS Saturday as well as 2 train tickets from Glasgow to Manchester for just £38.45 each IN TOTAL!!!
  • We leave on Saturday morning just before 9am and are back to Glasgow Central for 10pm and I will be sure to report in next week on all the cool things I see and workshops I attend.

It feels great to be so spontaneous when last week I was curled in a ball of pain with my toothache! So now I want to hear from you. When have you done something mad like this? And how mad would it be to come to Glasgow in July & August and train as Pilates Instructor?? A moment of madness with a lifetime of benefit – that’s how I see my weekend ahead and also how I’d like you to view my training. Let me know what you think on the Facebook page or by emailing me back.