>Hi All!

Tomorrow is my beloved Granny’s 99th Birthday – a day she did not see because she died just three weeks ago.

I’m still very sad and raw about it because she may have been old but I thought she’d last forever!

So now I have a HUGE hole in my life which, so far, I have gotten stuck in. But I’m currently in Jersey (my healing place it seems) and I’m starting the process of finally becoming a grown-up. And this requires me to climb out of the hole and get started on living again. My Granny would have expected nothing less…

Tomorrow, on her Birthday, I will be restarting my meditation practice (which went out of the window when she was dying) and will be hoping for a good enough day to do some yoga on the beach. I’ll get Chris to take some photos and post them on the blog for you to experience some of the healing that I get from this place.