>Hi All!

I know it’s been ages since I last posted but in that time I’ve been on my holidays TWICE! I went to Jersey with my man at the end of June and then again with my aunt just last week. I had very happy times both times and managed to also keep the holiday(s) healthy.

How? I tried to stick with my dairy free diet, which I am doing to help deal with my hayfever allergies and chronic sinusitis, and this meant I ate healthily on the first holiday. Unfortunately on the second holiday my Aunt and I enjoyed ourselves and ate lots and lots of lovely Jersey produce!

The main way I stayed healthy during both holidays was taking long walks along St Aubin’s bay with my Sister’s dog. Every day I walked between 2 and 10 miles and I really enjoyed all the fresh air and ozone that you can only get on a beach. I also had lots of time to think during these walks and this was very good for my mental healthy as well…

On the holiday just past, we stayed in the Grand Hotel which has the most amazing spa and I made full use of the facilities by running on the treadmill, cycling, cross-training, lifting weights, swimming, sauna-ing and jacuzzi-ing too!

I’ve stuck in a picture of Jersey and I would definitely recommend it to anyone because it has the weather of a foreign holiday without the hassle of the euro!