The clock has just ticked down, the fireworks have exploded and Chris & I have had our dramatic kiss. It is officially 2015!

My plan for this year is to VLOG! (“What is this?” you might ask. It means Video Log).

As you may know, I wrote a post every week (almost) on last year but I feel like it became a bit corporate and salesy and I’d like to get back to just being … me … this year. Which is why I want to do these vlogs. This way, you will see the real me and maybe will interact with me a bit more. Both creating and watching vlogs always makes me laugh and I hope that my vlogs will keep you entertained in 2015 and, at the same time, let you know what is going on in the world of Victoria.

The vlogs will be here and on Youtube so if you want to interact, you can leave me a wee comment under the video or you can email me. I will still send you a weekly Stretch Note but it will have the vlog on it rather than paragraphs of stuff you can’t be bothered reading!