I am coming out right now. I am a secret skin picker. And I have been for YEARS! Actually, if you looked closely enough at my skin you’d know because the years of picking, squeezing, tearing and pulling have left me with scarring. Just like anyone with a self-harm problem is left with scars. It’s just they usually do this on a less visible place.

I have recently joined a 6 week skin detox because, after 25 years (!) of acne in various forms, I can take it no longer and want to take control of my skin. But the things is, the very first thing is, (and the very thing mentioned in our course literature is) that my skin picking habit may well be about taking control!

I need to learn that I cannot control my outbreaks by picking and scratching at my skin. Instead I can control what I put into my body (food and drink) and into my mind (stressors) which will show on my skin.

If you would like more details on the Skin Detox check out http://www.love-yourself-naturally.com/need-more-help/6-week-skin-detox/