Apologies to those who know me because it’s Valentine’s Day and I am going to ramble on right now about how much I love this little mite!


Look at him with his big dark eyes and sharp teeth chewing away on a piece of wool as if butter wouldn’t melt… This was taken about a year after we got him when he still had that puppy look about him. But now that he’s all of three years old he looks exactly like he’s supposed to look. And that is: part dog , part fox! It’s why I called him Foxy in the first place and it’s been an amazing coincidence that every day he is so like a wee Fox in his temperament and behaviour.

I love him so much because he is my baby replacement and, unlike real babies, he will never grow out of needing me. Having said that, of course, he is currently staying with Gwen and Andy and is doing absolutely fine without me. But at the end of this month, he will have to work on his Scottish bark accent because he is moving over to stay with Chris and I in the flat. God help the neighbours because he will rule the roost!

I just miss him like crazy at the moment and can’t wait to get a wee hug at him and a wee sniff of his smelly doggy-ness. Gwen and Andy are getting him clipped because his fur is currently casting all over their house  so he will not smell like himself at all.

I hope he likes it here in Glasgow. The stairs will be a big change from staying in a bungalow and the fact that he can no longer look out a window and bark at people walking past will cause much grief I’m sure. But we all have to adapt to new things. I have to adapt to the fact that I’m no longer a “big fish in a small pond” and haven’t got the clients that I used to have. And Chris has to adapt to the fact that he is now the main breadwinner because I’m not working as much and he has had to come out of hiding and start working again. It’s not a bad thing for all 3 of us that we are making these changes. It’s just scary sometimes.