I know it’s summer time and the sun is high(ish) but I honestly feel like I’m hibernating this week. My Complementary Therapies course is finished, the opening of my new studio and spa is being held up by planning issues and I’m supposed to be prepping for a new season of training courses but…

  • I’ve been avoiding making sales calls
  • I’ve been avoiding getting my training materials ready
  • I’ve been avoiding making promotional decisions for the new studio
  • I’ve been avoiding doing work that lights me up AND makes me money at the same time

In all my procrastination I found this quotation on the website of one of my favourite bloggers Kimberly Wilson.

anais nin quoteI thought this was really inspirational and I’m so pleased I found it before my hibernation became my way of being. I couldn’t bear to live a life of “montony, boredom, death” and am so happy that I get to do what I want, when I want and help other people in the process.

What about you? Are you hibernating? And what can you do to awaken?? Let me know by return email or by commenting on the Facebook page.

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