Ok, so it is the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. But that’s not why I’m jubilant this Friday. Instead it’s because I started my practice of meditation and morning pages today and I’m feeling all proud of myself for doing what I said I was going to! I hope that I continue to do these practices for the rest of my life! (BIG statement but I’m in a jubilant mood).

I am also looking forward to the long weekend and the good weather and the opportunity to create some more Youtube videos for your entertainment and education. Check out my Youtube Channel and have a look (and a laugh) at what I’ve done so far.

Chris and I are planning to do lots more videos like this as we drive across the USA on our Route 66 tour! So subscribe to my channel now and be the first to see them. It will be almost as if I was teaching you in Northern Ireland except I’ll be in California or Arizona or New Mexico or Illinois! And you might be on your holidays too but be able to have a stretch with me wherever you are.

Sometimes you just gotta love technology!