I know, I know, I’m supposed to be having a break and I’m back again bothering you! But it’s for a good cause – I’m helping a family start a farm! (Thanks to YOU and Heifer International).

D’you know my 21 Day StretchBodyMind Bootcamp? The one you’ve been meaning to buy but just haven’t gotten round to it yet?? Well, how would you like to get it … for cheaper AND receive over $1000 of business and life resources as well?!

Well, I’m offering it as part of the really cool 2015 Jumpstart Bundle which gives you over 95% off amazing business and life resources from 18 cool peeps AND raises money to help a family start a farm!


The 21 Day StretchBodyMind Bootcamp normally costs $63 alone but you can get the WHOLE bundle (with over $1350 of courses) for just $59! Good, right??

It’s a win-win-win. We help families in need; you get an amazing package of resources for a fraction of the sticker price, and I make a percentage of each sale made through my unique link.

No matter how 2014 went, 2015 is right around the corner, and we’ve got the 2015 Jumpstart Bundle ready to help you kick it off with a bang!

Here’s what you get –


Renee ShupeMailchimp Essentials $45- A 90 minute interactive workshop showing you the fundamentals to mastering MailChimp to connect & engage with your audience.

Vanessa AdaoSpread Your Magic $498 – Spread your Magic is an online Branding Academy that teaches heart-centered entrepreneurs how to craft a brand that is true to their Purpose.

Erica Lee StraussCrushworthy Sales Copy 101 $10 – Learn to write great, seductive copy, that’s a skill no business owner should be without! This fun & quick guide makes it 100% learn-able.

Becca Korphage – Free Your Genius $97 – Wrangle and untangle your ideas and expertise, free your genius, sculpt it into a product/content, and share it with the world. This 45 minute webinar, Free Your Genius, addresses the first phase of sifting through and organizing what is often chaos or disconnected ideas.

Sierra KochRock The Reiki Table $15.95 – This guide is 34 pages full of the ins and outs of getting started in the Reiki and healing business! A must if you’ve gone through training or are interested in starting any healing training.

Ashlee GehebSimple Facebook Ads Workshop $49 – Learn Facebook Ads to grow your business rapidly, yet on a budget – and minus the headaches – with this video webinar workshop with bonus social media guide!

Loralee HuttonBudget Friendly Online Business Models $197 – Discover 5 proven online business models you can start – for no cost! Includes important training on affiliate marketing, digital product sales, increasing web traffic and more!

Nicola Holland2015 Goal Setting Planner $28 – This goal setting planner for online entrepreneurs helps you identify your big goals, break them down into bite-sized actionable tasks and maps them out yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily. This means that you always know what you need to be focusing on without losing track of the bigger picture!


LaTisha StylesThe Young Finances Toolkit $24.97 – This is a great way for the millennial to jumpstart their journey to financial success! Includes guides that cover beginner budgeting, investing, and tips for financial success, a budgeting template and video lessons.

Ana Goncalves – Letting Go To Be Born Again Mini Course $47 – Gain direction and clarity about your life. Have the power and strength to move forward. The short mini course consists of a workbook with assignments, a video training and an energy clearing meditation.

Rhonda LeeLeveraging Intention $25 – Learn how to stop spinning your wheels! Instead, leverage your intention with these 6 easy steps to help you meet your goals for 2015 and beyond!

Ashley @ Your Super Awesome LifeCake for Breakfast  $97 – Cake for Breakfast is a self-guided course that will help you figure out who you are and what you want, so you can become exactly the woman you want to be.


Jessi @ The House of HealthyLighter in 10 Days  $75 – A 10 Day Cleanse to energize your body, clean up your diet, and ditch what’s bringing you down.

Victoria @ StretchBodyMind (ME!) – 21 Day StretchBodyMind Bootcamp $63 –  A mix of yoga, pilates, meditations, and coaching exercises to ease stress and gain more energy in only 10 minutes per day (perfect for busy people!)

Jennifer Hill Grab Life By The Greens Ebook $7 – Includes over 70 original recipes for delicious and nutritious drinks to help you boost your vitality, improve your overall health, and add variety to your daily diet. Gain more energy to go after your goals in 2015!

Elizabeth BarbourSmart Self Care for Busy Women $47 – A comprehensive guide with 20 lessons about self-care. Designed to help you implement sustainable self-care strategies one module a day for 5 days a week for 4 weeks.  Perfect for our busy schedules!

Anita Kaiser Beat Anxiety Naturally with Yoga $24.95 – Take the energy out of anxiety and calm yourself through breathing exercises, yoga and mindfulness to bring clarity and a sense of peace.

That’s a total of $1350 worth of resources…for only $59!


That’s 96% off!

This bundle is not just to help you rock 2015…it’s also a partnership and fundraiser with Heifer International.

donation to heifer

We believe so strongly in entrepreneurship and giving back, that we’re donating $6 from each bundle sold to donate flocks of baby chicks to needy families around the world so they can start a business and change the course of their family, and community.

Heifer believes in empowering & educating people with their gifts. Each family that receives a flock will be trained in business and the science of raising animals, as well as other life skills necessary.  Each family that gets a flock must also pass on the gift to other needy families. This means for each flock donated, 9 more families get the gift of a business as well!! (How cool is that?!)

Our gift allows each family to not only have a better and more nutritious source of food than they normally have access to, they also get a sustainable source of income.  This also means that their children get an education, medical care and an extra education in entrepreneurship!


Do you offer returns or refunds?

At this time we do not. All products are digital and downloadable, so that makes it hard to do any returns.

What if I don’t run a business?

That’s totally fine! Not all products are for entrepreneurs, so you’ll still find a lot of value in the bundle. 

What if I don’t like all the products?

That’s honestly bound to happen.  We’ve made the bundle as diverse as possible so there’s many things for everyone and we can all discover some new stuff too! The feedback we got from last years bundle mentioned that many people bought for 2-3 products they really wanted and already had their eye on, and were pleasantly surprised by how much they enjoyed an additional 3-4 products and used them! The rest may not have really fit the bill for them, at least at the time, but they’re always there for you if you need them, and at a great deal too!  We know we can’t make every single product tailored for every single customer, but we did the best we could get to a ton of high value, useful products that everyone can enjoy!

How long do we have to download the bundle files?

The download validity is for one month. So most will expire by the end of January or beginning of February!

How does this work? How do I get all the files?

Once you purchase, you’ll get a “welcome letter” pdf that will also have the download link in it. Just click that link and viola! Zip file starts downloading!

Will I get emails from the authors?

Maybe. As part of the author agreement and after consulting legal teams, we have decided that each author does get your email address since you’ve bought a product from them (they do not get access to payment details or anything. None of us do!) However, each author also signed a pretty strict agreement about not spamming, and being very purposeful and cautious with your email address.

$1350  $59