I recorded this message to tell you how my life was changed by the wonderful Max Strom. Now, before you watch, I need to tell you that my phone storage ran out and my video was cruelly cut off before I had finished. However, I thought the message was too important not to share.

So please have a watch and then go to this page – http://stretchbodymind.com/training/workshops/ – and book your place at Max Strom’s weekend workshop on 21 -23 Oct 2016 before the price increases to £250 on 21 July.

In short:

  • Max Strom is amazing
  • He will change YOUR life too!
  • I am bringing him over to Edinburgh on 21-23 October
  • It currently costs just £200 to book your place
  • You can buy tickets right up until the workshop but the price will be increasing on 21 July 2016
  • You can read more details about the workshop on http://stretchbodymind.com/training/workshops/

Finally, I wish to offer my apologies to my Yoga Teacher Training students, or my Yoga clients, or anyone who knows me really, for this blog post as they may have heard this story before… I might go on about him a LOT but I am not lying when I say that Max Strom changed my life!