This first full week of Money May has been all about mindset for me.

On Monday I listened to a webinar by money guru Barbara Stanny (the author of “Overcoming Underearning” amongst many others) and I found this very useful.

I read up on the symptoms and they showed that I am an Underearner. Check out below and see if you too have underearning tendencies:

  1. Time Indifference – We put off what must be done and do not use our time to support our own vision and further our own goals.
  2. Idea Deflection –We compulsively reject ideas that could expand our lives or careers, and increase our profitability.
  3. Compulsive Need to Prove – Although we have demonstrated competence in our jobs or business, we are driven by a need to re-prove our worth and value.
  4. Clinging to Useless Possessions – We hold onto possessions that no longer serve our needs, such as threadbare clothing or broken appliances.
  5. Exertion/Exhaustion – We habitually overwork, become exhausted, then under-work or cease work completely.
  6. Giving Away Our Time – We compulsively volunteer for various causes, or give away our services without charge, when there is no clear benefit.
  7. Undervaluing and Under-pricing – We undervalue our abilities and services and fear asking for increases in compensation or for what the market will bear.
  8. Isolation – We choose to work alone when it might serve us much better to have co-workers, associates, or employees.
  9. Physical Ailments – Sometimes, out of fear of being larger or exposed, we experience physical ailments.
  10. Misplaced Guilt or Shame – We feel uneasy when asking for or being given what we need or what we are owed.
  11. Not Following Up – We do not follow up on opportunities, leads, or jobs that could be profitable. We begin many projects and tasks but often do not complete them.
  12. Stability Boredom – We create unnecessary conflict with co-workers, supervisors and clients, generating problems that result in financial distress.

Now, I don’t have every single thing on the list but a lot felt very familiar. I definitely put off things and procrastinate with too much TV or Facebook; I move regularly from overwork to overwhelm; I often give away my time and undervalue my services and I rarely follow up on opportunities. So, in Money May, I am determined to address these issues.

If you want to address your issues too why not try the Overcoming Underearning Quiz and work out what those issues are in the first place.

Now that I know my bad habits I have been using mantras to help change my mindset. In my “Stretch Your Biz” vlog I was talking about money mantras this week and how I’m trying to replace my old mantras with new more positive ones that help me change my money mindset. I will talk about this in more detail next week but, in the meantime, you can join the conversation on the StretchBodyMind Facebook page.