I mentioned last week that I wanted to give you my take on breakthroughs and why they matter. Before I go any further I want to tell you that this is the most personal I’ve been on my blog in a long time and if you have any questions about what I’ve written please email me and I’ll tell you the whole story!

So, one of the biggest breakthroughs I ever had was about 2 years into my self-employment when I was:

… running the award-winning charity Stretch & Play where I taught yoga & drama to kids from the age of 3 to 13

… and working full-time in a community organisation because the charity wasn’t paying me any money

… and teaching yoga & Pilates to adults at night

… and trying to complete an Open University Certificate in Health Promotion

… and you can guess what came next. I had a nervous breakdown.

At the time it was very scary but now I see it as one of the biggest breakthroughs in my career.You see, as I began to btc_instagram_ads_q2pick myself up and start working again I chose to teach only adults. Why? Because I no longer wanted to do things that made me unhappy. I realised that I much preferred teaching adults to teaching children but I had done it before because I thought work had to be hard.

I realised that there was no point being the most qualified children’s yoga teacher in the UK and Ireland if I wasn’t actually able to earn a living from it!

I realised how much I liked to teach people who actually wanted to be there and, from that, I grew my adult classes into Pilates Instructor Training and Yoga Teacher Training and, soon, my business mentoring programme for Pilates Instructors, Yoga Teachers and other creative professionals.

I hope that you have been able to come to your own breakthroughs in a less dramatic way than I did.

I’m still having breakthroughs myself on a regular basis and some of this has come from my own personal coach and friend Hillary Rubin, who has turned the coaching world upside down, and shows what is possible when you let your story unfold.

If you don’t know Hillary, you should. You can learn a little more by listening in to our chat.


Here’s the link! = The Breakthrough to Coaching Experience

As she mentions, Hillary’s breakthrough was a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. It would have been easy to become a victim, but she went another way. Hillary moved from NYC to LA and became one of the the top yoga teachers, featured in Yoga Journal and the LA Times!

Back in 2009 she had a desire to start coaching and decided not not to get certified. What Hillary found was she had the system she needed by using her intuition, gifts and life experience.

Marie Forleo, creator of B-School says, “Hillary made over her public image from yoga teacher to coach, that’s a huge transition. People have this secret dream to transform to something new and she did it very quickly.”

Inspired by her transformation I attended her signature programme “The Art of Becoming a Coach” last year and will be using this as the basis for my business mentoring programme.

And now, her latest innovation is The Breakthrough to Coaching Experience which is a free online summit coming Apr 14-18.

Hillary brought together 15 other top coaches who have not been certified to share everything you would want to know about becoming an established coach. It’s truly inspiring!

Click here now to get your free VIP seat for this event. When you get your spot, as a bonus you get an Intro to Coaching Toolkit to get you started on the right path.

You’ll learn how all of these coaches used their intuition, gifts and life experience to build a thriving coaching business, working with clients they love.

I can’t wait for this event and I hope you’ll join me to have your own breakthrough to coaching experience.



P.S. I should mention even if you’re not wanting to be a coach this event will leave you inspired and you may have a breakthrough and find out something new about yourself.

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