This is going to be quick and dirty because I am much too busy swanning around NYC with Chris to write my blog!

We are here to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary and NYC has a special significance for us because we actually got married here.


Us on the Staten Island Ferry with Manhattan behind us. My Dad bought my flowers and took the photo!

We were married on 7th September in Staten Island City Hall and it was so quick and simple that it didn’t seem real (until we had to go to all these different offices for the necessary paperwork – then it seemed like a huge big chore!)

In the intervening years I sometimes still don’t believe it’s real. Not in a soppy way but more in a “I can’t believe we made it” way! Chris and I have been through a lot together and he has been so supportive of me. I could never have become self-employed without his support (both emotional and financial) which would mean there would be NO Stretch & Play, StretchNI or StretchBodyMind!

I have never met anyone who gets me like he does. I often tell people (because it’s true) that he is my rock and I am his fire. Simply put: he grounds me and I light him up. I look forward to many more years with him by my side.

And so now we’re back in NYC! Enjoying a few days of fun in the city that never sleeps before we head home for some hard work. I’ll give you more details when I return, as long as I’m not too jet-lagged!