I have been preparing for my work at The New You Plan Christmas Party in Clontarf Castle, Dublin this weekend and getting to know all these incredible women who have changed their lives by losing weight has made me think about becoming a new me as well.

You see, I moved to Glasgow almost 2 years ago to change my life. I wanted to move away from Yoga & Pilates teaching and into training in a bigger way. I felt like I’d reached the pinnacle of my career in Northern Ireland and I wanted to soar in someplace new.

But life didn’t work out quite like that…

While I have been delivering Yoga and Pilates Teacher Training, I have not been doing as much training as I’d hoped. I also haven’t been teaching as much as I could’ve either. So, I decided I needed to change.


That’s why, I have decided to pause during the month of December to give myself time to become the new me.

I am turning away from teaching and training to remember why I fell in love with yoga and Pilates in the first place. (Classes in Battlefield Chiropractic finish on Tuesday 9th Dec). You can still email me on victoria@stretchbodymind.com but I won’t be sending out another newsletter until January 2015.

I want to thank you,

first, for reading my blog every week and, second, for giving me this time for renewal…

Next year I will be delivering new Yoga & Pilates classes as well as Complementary Therapies in Cinnabarre, Wishaw which is a definite new challenge for me.

And, (drumroll please) in order to move even more deeply towards the new me, I have JUST become a Licensed Desire Map Facilitator and will be delivering workshops in both Scotland and Northern Ireland next year!

The Desire Map Workshop is a 2-day soul and heart-centered journey, based on the book ‘The Desire Map’ by Danielle LaPorte, where you will get clear on how you truly want to FEEL in every area of your life. You will then be able to use this powerful awareness to guide you in making choices in your life; from the little ones to the big ones. Yep. I’m planning to help you with your renewal too!