I need to take a break from this blog for a while, and perhaps from Facebook and Twitter and emails and newsletters and constant, incessant googling and blog reading. I am having a bit of trouble readjusting to my meds and my bipolar disorder is something that I have decided to take offline in order to get it under control so I don’t end up like this guy.


I will be back but I want to silence my online voice before it gets me into trouble! If you need me, speak to me in person – come to a class or pick up the phone (although I can’t guarantee I’ll answer as I have a bit of a phone phobia at the moment). I think I just need to get grounded. I am continuing my spring cleaning and am going to attempt a proper cleanse over Easter to get my digestive system back on track. I will be doing yoga too, even though it has been a challenge these past couple of weeks. I wish you luck in whatever you are doing and hope that you wish me luck as well.