So, here’s my LinkedIn story:

I met my Yoga Mentor Sadie Nardini in the flesh, as opposed to online where I first found her (YouTube), in Mexico last January and it was then and there that I decided I needed to make a massive change in my life. Walking in the footsteps of my guruI returned home to Lurgan full of big plans for world domination and promptly got online to start these plans. And it was on LinkedIn that I met Carole Jacobs through a Pilates group where she was wanting to make changes in her life too and was looking for a locum – in Glasgow of all places!

Now I’m not sure you understand the momentousness (is that even a word??) of this event. You see, I have a LinkedIn account but I very rarely use it. I NEVER join groups on LinkedIn but for some unknown reason I joined a Pilates Professionals Group. Then I definitely never read the posts on these groups but for whatever reason Carole’s post caught my eye. Well, it said “Looking for a locum for my Pilates/Yoga studio” so of course it was going to catch my eye. Then some bloke (from NYC as far as I can remember) had replied to her offering his services but then she explained that she was based in Glasgow, Scotland so he respectfully bowed out of the running, leaving the field clear for me to introduce myself!

So, we met last March and chatted about what she wanted (to focus on her yoga retreat centre in Portugal) and what I wanted (to leave my established yoga and Pilates business and try someone else’s life for a year). I remember we were like two cats circling each other when we first met, with a lot of posturing about styles of yoga and Pilates and our backgrounds in both. But, like two cats, we decided to rub along together and even though her plans changed dramatically during the course of the year (a divorce can do that to you) I still decided that Glasgow was where Chris and I should be right now.

However, Carole’s changing plans meant that the locum option was out the window and so, effectively, I gave up a regular class timetable and a strong client base to start again in a town where no-one knows me and even fewer seem to want me! This means I am no longer the “big fish in a small pond” and have to start again from scratch trying to hire local halls (too busy with other yoga and Pilates teachers already) and butter up the council to give me some hours (not happening as they already have their staff quotas) as well as tempt Carole’s clients into trying out my classes for a change. I honestly haven’t worked this hard in years! It’s all posters in shop windows, Gumtree and Netmums and Facebook ads and trying to drum up local press which is really difficult when you no longer teach the reporter’s Mum (that’s you Sharon C.)!

Wish me luck or give me some suggestions. But please don’t say “I told you so” because even though we have no money and I am not doing the teaching that I thought I would, I still think Glasgow is the right place for Chris and I at the moment.