I’m starting a new certificate in Promoting Public Health with the Open University and I have my first face-to-face tutorial with real-life people this Saturday. The thing about the OU is that you can pretend that you are all alone and that no-one else is doing the same thing as you. But this being a Level 3 certificate course, there are actually lots of other people doing it too. Many are doing it to supplement a degree in health and social care. I am doing it because I had wanted to move into health promotion and thought it would have lots of interlinks with my yoga teaching, especially teaching children and young people. However, now I’ve really gone and done it because I have got a PROPER job in health promotion. So I think the course will definitely help with that too. I’m looking forward to getting my teeth into my job. I’m also looking forward to getting my teeth into my course. In fact, maybe I’d better get my teeth checked because they’re going to be getting into so many things in 2009!!!