Sorry it has taken me over TWO WEEKS to blog but I have been up to my eyeballs with the Pilates Instructor Training preparation, including the creation of a 175-page manual! I finally finished it this morning at 9.48am and instead of feeling relieved I am feeling all sore and cranky because I have let everything else fall down around me while I worked and that includes my own posture and good health. So, my intention for this week (prior to the course starting) is to get back on track with the things I mentioned in my previous post:
* Guided Imagery
* Journaling
* Self-Hypnosis
* Exercise
* Yoga
* Breathing Exercises
* Meditation
I am starting with a lovely guided imagery script that I will read to the Beginners Yoga class tonight and I will post the relaxation tomorrow for people to get a chance to share it too. I will also be doing some yoga, just for me, to stretch out all the aches and pains and might even get some photographs taken to let you see me tied up in knots! And before I do all that I have quite a lot of administration to catch up on so I’ll stop blogging and get accounting…