Just wanted to post quickly to let everyone know that we are three days into the first Stretch NI Pilates Instructor Training and it’s going very well so far. Terry O’Donnell, our Physiotherapist, delivered a very informative A&P section although I have to admit the thought of next week’s exam terrifies me! I just hope that everyone does their reading and feels that we’ve done enough to help them pass.

And, as for tomorrow, we are gearing up for the world’s most exciting Health & Safety lecture EVER. The Training & Recruitment House Managing Director, Jonathan McComb, has agreed to deliver this lecture to give us the latest and most relevant H&S information ever. And we’re also doing some practical Pilates work, looking at the original 34 exercises, from Joe’s 1945 book, <a title=”Return to Life through Contrology” href=”Pilates’ Return to Life Through Contrology""“> and doing some stuff around warm-ups. I’m LOVING it!