Private Sessions

Traditionally the practice of yoga was taught one-on-one, while Joseph Pilates worked individually with each of his clients.

Private yoga or Pilates sessions can take you further into your core strength, flexibility, stress release, and body/mind/spirit connection in a safe and comfortable environment. I will teach either yoga, Pilates or a combination of both to suit your specific needs:

  • you are new to yoga / Pilates
  • you want to deepen your in-class practice
  • you want to develop a personalised home practice
  • you can’t make it to regularly scheduled classes
  • you simply prefer one-on-one to a class setting

In your initial session I will consult with you to determine where weaknesses and stress may accumulate. Then I will create a customised programme specifically for you.

Call Reception on 0141 636 9110 to schedule a private session.

Private Session Pricing:

£20 per hour

£100 for a 6 session course

Semi-Private Session Pricing:

(2 people): £12.50 each per hour

(3 people): £10.00 each per hour