Me & MarkTonight I spent the night strategizing with Mark (pictured with me at his recent wedding to Daniel). Mark is my friend from Lurgan whom I’ve known since he was fat and straight (although he was a choirboy so there was always that question mark!) and he now works as a Press Officer for a Theatre Group who shall remain nameless to protect the innocent.

So, as I said before, I’ve known Mark for years and, in fact, it was me who was responsible for his being in Glasgow in the first place. He and I had just graduated our respective universities: me- The University of Glasgow = how’s that for a bit of prestige!; and Mark – the University of Ulster, Jordanstown = how’s that for a fancy polytechnic! and he was looking to move to London to do a post-graduate course.

Obviously I knew that this was completely unsuitable for him because, at the age of 21, he still didn’t have a passport and he had only ever spoken to Northern Irish people before (maybe a teensy exaggeration there) so I suggested he try out Glasgow first because it was a big city with a friendly small town feel, as long as you stick to the right areas, of course 😉

So, he tried it… AND he LOVED it! He has been here ever since (16 years and counting). And now his time has come to pay me back with ideas and suggestions for how I get my Yoga and Pilates butt into gear in Glasgow. He has promised to introduce me to the movers and shakers of the theatre world (darling) and to local journalists as he says they will love my story. But I keep thinking “What story?” as if I have nothing of value or interest to tell the all-important media. I’m not sure I want to prostitute myself out to the so-called Glitterati of Glasgow but it’s that or continue to have no classes and no clients and, most importantly when our rent is due, NO money!