I was recently interviewed by my friend, entrepreneur Dawn Barclay for her “Do What You Love to Do” series on her fantastic blog. And even though you might have heard my story before, click over and have a wee read because, as Dawn says,

If you are in the middle (or start) of a career change/transformation… and you are asking the, ‘What is my thing?’ question. Ponder this one: is there a thread tying your story together? Is there a common factor in all that you have been doing up to this point. Is there something so simple, you could maybe be missing it because you think it’s too easy? That thread, it could be trying to tell you something.

My thread, of course, is my love of Yoga, Pilates and all things stretchy. I also have a love of personal development and see this as the “mind” part of my business. I will be stretching myself this Saturday with some personal development and you can join me, wherever you are!

Bringing your Book to Life

If you, like me, have ever wanted to write a book, have it published and make money from it, this event is for you. This event, from NLP Guru Ali Campbell along with Catherine Muir, will help you understand the process of how to write your book effortlessly, all your publishing options and how to sell it and make money from it. All at the bargain price of £97. You can even buy it as a video download to watch in the comfort of your home at a time of your choosing  – (see? told you that you could join me!)

They say we all have a book in us, but just wishing and dreaming won’t make it happen. Don’t worry, I’ve been there too and know that if you want to see your book come to life you need to take some positive action… But it must be the right action! With the right help, writing YOUR book is easy!  You just need good and ‘experienced’ help and guidance to keep you ‘right’ as you write it which is why I’m joining this workshop. I’d love you to join me…



P.S. I got 98% in my A&P exam so I really DO know what I’m talking about! 😉