First off, can I just say “Happy Birthday to Andy – 70 today!”


In honour of my Dad we are going to stretch our lives today. How? By eking out every bit of enjoyment we can from our experiences. My Dad worked hard all his life (hell, he’s still working harder than any pensioner should) but he played hard too.He has been an active member of his local golf club for longer than I’ve been alive; he has regular holidays, both with Mum and with his golf buddies.

He loves, loves, LOVES his grand-dogs and takes them on long walks when he comes to visit either my Sister or me. He always makes a point of getting to know as much about a place as he can. Therefore he had walked around ALL of Jersey before my Sister had even left St. Helier (the main town) and he knows the mean streets of Glasgow like the back of his hand.

So even though he is 70 years old today he still acts and thinks as if he were a man of about 25. He was very ill around 15 years ago (pancreatic cancer and non-Hodgkins lymphoma) and not only did he beat the ridiculously low odds to survive but he has thrived in the years since!

I don’t tell him often enough but I am so proud of him and love him to bits.