Leading on from the previous post which outlined my history and how I started StretchBodyMInd I now want to tell you EXACTLY what it is!

I have set the business up to be an online way for people to stretch themselves physically and mentally through Yoga, Pilates & Barre videos and meditation & relaxation podcasts as well as e-books and e-courses, leading up to Yoga & Pilates Teacher Training and CPD courses.

The tagline on the website is “look good, feel better” and by this I mean I want you to use the Yoga, Pilates & Barre exercises to look good then use the meditations, relaxations and personal development tools to feel better about yourself. exist

I know what it is like to look bad and feel even worse. When I was at my lowest with my Bipolar Disorder I found it very hard to eat properly or look after myself properly. Sometimes I only got dressed at 6pm to teach an evening yoga class and spent the rest of the day in my dressing gown! Through learning, and practicing mindfulness meditation and gentle yoga I slowly climbed out of my depression and I have been feeling pretty stable for over a year now.

Tomorrow I will go into more depth on the different services I offer through StretchBodyMind.com but if you have any questions or comments in the meantime. let me know!