Well I have reduced my dose of lithium by half now and I think it explains the vivid memories from my childhood which had been clouded in a ‘lithium fog’ before. These memories are not disturbing and I kind of like having them – recalling things but not getting caught up in the emotions that the memories want to stir up in me. Some day I might even write them all down and share them because it’s amazing what I’m remembering! (So, if were in Glasgow with me around 1998 beware!!) The boys who get me through it...

Anyway, I found this article from The Observer back in 2001 and I could relate to so much of what the writer, Fiona Campbell, said so I thought I’d share it with you. Have a read and tell me what you think. And, don’t panic because I’m NOT HER even if share some of her psychotic symptoms!

I have also shared a picture of Chris and Foxy because they saved me and they save me every day. Chris steps up to the plate EVERY TIME I need him to. He is my rock (and I am his fire, but that’s another story). And Foxy is the light of my life. He is such a crazy little animal and having him  in my life has forced me to move out of my head and into the real world a bit more. It doesn’t matter how stressed, tired or depressed I am because he still needs a walk in the fresh air every day and he always needs a cuddle! We had just had his hair cut here but at the moment is he much hairier with very expressive eyebrows!