Last week’s post was the fifth in my series of Money May posts and allowed me to introduce my newest online creation – Stretch Your Biz.

This week I want to take the opportunity to announce that the Weekly Stretch Note (and this blog) is having another makeover! First off, we are moving from a Friday to a Tuesday and secondly, I will no longer be blogging and emailing you every week but will change to a fortnightly post.

I know another change might seem sudden, especially after all the work I did on my homepage and links a couple of weeks ago, but it is essential.

Let me explain:

  1. In the process of creating Stretch Your Biz I realised that in order to do more of this creative work I need to give myself time to let that happen. Yet, if I’m worrying about writing a blog post every week I am in the mode of “busy work” which is not particularly creative.
  2. As the Stretch Your Biz course starts (on July 1st if you’re interested!) I will want to dedicate my time to my students and, again, if I’m trying to come up with weekly content for my blog I won’t be able to be as present for them as I’d like.
  3. When I restarted the blog back in January it was with a promise to be more true, more real, more honest and yet, as inevitably happens when I’m in “busy work” mode, I feel that the honesty has been replaced with a more corporate tone and I don’t like it.

So, I’m holding my hands up and admitting that I need to press pause and start over again.

My hope is that the fortnightly schedule for posting will allow me more time and space to talk about what’s really going on in my life (and how it might relate to your own) and the Tuesday posting day will mean I can structure my time better (and not end up sitting up to 1am on a Thursday night to finish my post on time, after procrastinating over it all week). Er, just like I’m doing right now!

In order to honour myself and my creativity I wish to let you know that the next email from me won’t be until Tuesday 14th June. Feel free to tell me what you think about this latest change by emailing me or commenting on the StretchBodyMind Facebook Group. I love you and I want what I write to have an impact on you – to get you thinking or to get you talking – and I know that starting over will allow me the space to do that. Plus it will make for a much more interesting read!