This is the last in my brief book review series and today I’m talking Personal Development. Expect hunners (Scottish for more than 3) of books on lots of different personal development tools!

artists wayI’m starting with a doozie and I’m just going to say WOW! You have to buy this book! And then we’ll do “The Artist’s Way” together!! Thanks to my regular rereading of this classic self-help book, Morning Pages are an essential part of my daily routine. If you are intrigued and want to know more I would seriously love to support you as you make your way through this 12-week transformational journey. Email me and we’ll get it started!


Twyla Tharp

In “The Creative Habit” Twyla Tharp, the world famous choreographer, now in her sixties, details with clarity, style and authority how to keep yourself productive and motivated even when you think you’ve run completely out of enthusiasm. It is a substantial piece of work from someone with a lifelong creative career and I really like it! She writes just I suspect she speaks – there is no flowery language and no pandering to the reader.


war of artThis is an excellent book for people struggling with procrastination in their creative work or those who want to start a new healthy habit but find themselves getting stuck. In “The War of Art” Stephen Pressfield explains how to break through blocks, or what he calls “resistance”, and he does this in an easy to digest prose. This is a fairly quick read and, as a result, I reread it often – especially when I am about to start something new (like the new Stretch Barre Method book that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago!) 


fires starter sessionsI LOVE Danielle La Porte! This woman is a poet and both “The Fire Starter Sessions” and “The Desire Map” are works of art as well as personal development tools. I discovered Danielle’s work online a few years ago and bought The Fire Starter Sessions in 2012 when Chris and I did our big “Route 66 Adventure.” It is described as “an apathy-kicking, integrity-infusing guide to defining success on your own terms” and I would totally agree. One of the best chapters in the book referred to something called “core desired feelings” and this is what Danielle’s latest book is all about.


desire mapIn “The Desire Map” Danielle is changing the way we set goals for ourselves. Instead of pursuing a specific, material goal we identify the feelings behind the goals and pursue the feeling instead. I originally bought this book in Electronic form with additional videos and an audio version so I got to hear the poet recite her poetry in her soft Canadian accent. I then bought the paperback in January and used it the first week of the StretchBodyMind Yoga Teacher Training. It was a wonderful tool to discover what feelings we wanted to feel as we developed in our careers.



Now that you’ve sorted out your creativity and core desired feelings, why not “Fire your Boss, do what you Love and Work less to Live more” as the subtitle of the “$100 Startup” suggests?? This book gives you lots of real-life examples of people who have followed an entrepreneurial lifestyle and, being an entrepreneur myself, I found it very inspiring. As well as the examples it has lots of practical advice and it even has worksheets so you can plan your own new business and spend the rest of your life doing what you love – just like me 😉


Now, there are hunners more I could talk about but I have to walk wee Foxy so this will have to do you. However, I absolutely LOVE talking about books so feel free to chat with me on Facebook and let me know what books you would add to this list.