I am back in Northern Ireland this weekend for the second weekend of the StretchBodyMind Yoga Teacher Training. The intrepid students and I will be stretching our minds as well as our bodies this weekend and I had a thought that you might want to do something similar.

So,  I have two things for you today. First, my friend Jenny Ravikumar is running a 6 week course focusing on yoga, meditation and self-love called The Ahimsa Project which starts on 1st March. I am really looking forward to this online programme so check out the sales page, watch Jenny’s gorgeous video and join me on the course!

Secondly, if you’ve been looking for some interesting and informative reading materials on Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Meditation and Personal Development then choose something from the lists I will be posting for the next few weeks. Each book has been chosen, read and re-read by me over the course of a 10+ year period.

I consider myself a bit of an expert on books, particularly in this genre. As well as being an English Literature Graduate, I have the rather dubious honour of being the woman with the most self-help books that Life Coach (and Author) Ali Campbell has ever met!

This week I’m talking YOGA:

Happy YogaI’m starting with an old favourite – Happy Yoga by Steve Ross. I love, love, LOVE this book! The philosophy is even better than the yoga (which is shown in clear black and white photographs and well explained). With chapter headings such as “You’re not Fat” and “You are not your Daily Grind” you can expect humour and plain speaking aplenty. Steve used to have his own TV show with fast flowing and strong yoga sequences and this is where I was first introduced to him. I then bought his book in the States back in 2007 and I still read it regularly!


sadie bookMy next recommendation is my latest yoga book purchase – The 21-Day Yoga Body by Sadie Nardini. As many of you know, Sadie is my current yoga teacher and I just love everything she comes out with. You can check out her free Youtube videos as she gives away lots of good-quality free training. In fact, this book started life as part of one of her online courses and gives a complete “metabolic makeover” with yoga poses, yoga breathing, meditations and daily contemplations as well as a substantial food section with lots of healthy recipes.


KISS yogaMy final recommendation for this week is a simple sort-of classic – The KISS Guide to Yoga by Shakta Kaur Khalsa. This is an oldie but goodie and you can pick up a second hand copy for as little as a penny! It clearly explains what yoga is and describes the 3000+ year history of yoga. It describes different styles of yoga and breaks down some basic yoga postures with plenty of full-colour pictures. It has lots of real life examples of people who practice different yoga things like postures, breathing, a yogic diet and a full yogic lifestyle, etc. It also describes yoga for different ages and different life stages including pregnancy.

Hope these books are of some interest. Have you any favourites of your own? If so, hope over to the StretchBodyMind Facebook page and let me know what they are.