This week I want to highlight some great books I’ve read on meditation. But first I want to tell you about a FREE virtual conference which will shatter what you thought you knew about yoga!

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Now, back to the books…

wherever“Wherever You Go, There You Are” by Jon Kabat-Zinn is the daddy of the mindfulness movement. Mindfulness is considered the heart of Buddhist meditation. But its essence is universal and of deep practical benefit to everyone. This book maps out a simple path for cultivating mindfulness in our lives, and awakening us to the unique beauty and possibilities of each present moment. It’s heavy going but very rewarding so if you want it, click on the picture and you can buy it from Amazon.

meditation for beginners“Meditation for Beginners” by Jack Kornfield is another great meditation book. In this complete course created especially for beginners, renowned teacher Jack Kornfield offers a straightforward, step-by-step method for bringing ‘insight’ or vipassana meditation into your life.  It is a hard back book so can sit on the floor in front of you as you practice. I use the CD that comes with the book probably more than I use the book itself as it has 6 guided meditations.

8 human talents

“The 8 Human Talents” by Gurmukh is one of my favourite Kundalini Yoga books which incorporates meditations for rejuvenation, stress relief, breaking habits and healing depression amongst the tools and exercises. I like this book much more than any of Gurmukh’s videos because I don’t really like her voice! However, the celebrities (including Demi Moore and Russell Brand) love her so who am I to judge??

I hope you enjoy these different types of meditations. Do you use any of them yourself? Or do you use a different meditation technique? Let me know about them on Facebook.