I attended a very interesting event with Bernadette Doyle’s Client Magnets this weekend in Dublin. It was called “Quick Product Profits” and it was all about creating and marketing products that could be sold online. It was fascinating. Not least the information (which was useful and if I apply it you will see a few online offerings from me in the future) but also the whole psychology around it.

It really stretched my mind to watch a master at NLP (neuro linguistic programming) in action and to see someone perform when they are surrounded by a bunch of ardent admirers – her “tribe” if you will. It made me want to surround myself with a tribe who are in congruence with my philosophies on life, love and the universe (or at least on yoga, Pilates and meditation!!) just to see how far I can stretch myself and my business.

So, I am declaring it today – on this day, the day that my beloved Uncle Jack has just died – that I will start taking myself seriously and will make a success of my business. Jack would have expected nothing less of me.