So, it is official. Even if the recent high temperatures in Scotland and Northern Ireland were confusing, we are finally shifting into Autumn. There were plenty of trees turning orange and red as I walked wee Foxy round the park today and it has inspired me to create (and blog about) my new Autumn Ritual.

  • It starts with 10 minutes of movement. Yoga, Pilates, Crazy dancing with the dog. Whatever floats your boat. I chose to do this.
  • Then there are 15 minutes of meditation. For me this meant recognising that there are less than 90 days until 2015 and answering some journal questions. Here they are:
    • What have you achieved so far this year? What do you consider to be your own personal harvest?
    • Which seeds have grown, and which have not? Why have you been successful in some areas and not in others? How would you do things differently to ensure success next year?
    • What do you want to let go of? This might be outworn modes of behaviour, old patterns and habits that are holding you back and the physical things associated with them. Visualize cutting yourself free of them. Focus on the new shoots that will grow from these actions.
    • The seeds of hope that we plant now will re-emerge in the spring. What are your dreams, plans, hopes, schemes, and projects that you would like to come in to manifestation next spring?
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  • Finally I had just 5 minutes of mantra. I chose to repeat the words So Hum.  So Hum is the sound of the breath, translating to I Am. It is energetically grounding, guiding us out of the mind and into a place of connection.  So Hum is practiced by internally saying the mantra connected to the breath, So on the inhale, Hum on the exhale. It was important to feel grounded after being so much in my head during the journalling and it is especially important to be grounded during the Autumn season which is a Vata season.

So, there you go. A half hour ritual which helped me acknowledge the changing seasons and recognise how far I’ve come in the first three quarters of the year. Try it yourself and let me know how you get on by commenting on Facebook.