In spite of the clouds and poor visibility, last night the moon was MASSIVE. In fact, it was the biggest and brightest it has been since 1948! I only mention this because of the impact of the moon on the human body (and in particular, on females) so, regardless of whether you saw it, you no doubt felt its effect.

According to Saturn Sister, Stefanie Iris Weiss: “Supermoons are basically ‘supercharged’ Full Moons. They tend to produce even higher tides, and thus the energetic pull on our bodies – and our emotions – is even stronger.”

“Full Moons tend to bring closure, finales, endings — we look back to what was going on in our lives six months ago and reflect on how far we’ve come,” she adds.

Furthermore, Tanaaz Chubb of Forever Conscious says: “This rare Supermoon falls in the sign of Taurus, which is a steady and practical earth sign. Taurus is represented by the Bull and in ancient mythology, the Bull represents illumination. Taurus energy is about hitting that “bullseye” in order to awaken to our fullest potential and realize our goals, dreams and wishes.”

“Even though Supermoons are often highly emotional, this Taurus energy is going to bring a calming and grounding effect.

In fact, November’s Supermoon is going to help us to see things from a more practical and logical point of view and will even help us to put some

actionable plans into place.”

And that brings me to the following suggestion: The Fresh Start Workbook.

You might have seen it on my Facebook page already but I’ve been using this digital planner for the last week to create my plans for work and life in 2017. You can type directly into the pdf files or print off the 100+ pages and put them in a file where you can write directly into the pages.

This is my 3rd year of using the Fresh Start Workbook and in previous years I printed it out and wrote down my answers because this is proven to increase creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

However, this year the workbook is larger than ever AND my printer has been playing up so I thought it wouldn’t cope with the large amount of pages. Instead I’ve been typing directly into the boxes as well as writing in a separate notebook. And I have to say I’m very happy with the outcome!

I’ve planned income goals and creative goals that will see me

playing a MUCH bigger game in 2017

and I am really excited about it. I definitely think the energy of this super full moon has helped me in this process. I’ve reflected on 2016 with a real sense of calm and celebrated how far I’ve come this year. And while I have dreamed BIG for 2017 I’ve based my new plans on solid ground.

I have to say that it feels really good to have all of these plans in place a full SIX weeks before the new year! So, if you want to make your 2017 a spectacular one as well, why don’t you check out the Fresh Start Workbook? Then feel free to email me to chat over your dreams and plans.