So I’ve been hard at work on the StretchBodyMind Yoga Teacher Training Manual this week and I got to thinking about what people sometimes believe about their yoga teacher versus what the real truth is.

My thoughts were inspired by a couple of articles I read in Elephant Journal – Dirty Little Secrets of a Yoga Teacher by Anne Clendening  and Things Your Yoga Teacher is Dying to Tell You (But Probably Won’t) by Alice Williams so have a little read if you’ve time this week. (As you can see, I am supposed to be writing my manual so am reading blog posts instead!)

Myth 1: Yoga Teachers are calm and peaceful

Truth 1: Anyone who REALLY knows me knows that I am incredibly stressed out and cause chaos for my family and friends, so it’s not calm and peaceful in my gaff! (Sorry Mum and Chris). Anne puts it beautifully when she says “We’re not all über enlightened, peaceful lotus blossoms. In fact, some of us are kinda fucked up.”

Myth 2: You have to be able to do all the poses to teach yoga

Truth 2: I am fundamentally lazy and out of all the yoga poses I have a few firm favourites which I repeat in my own practice on a regular basis. However, I no longer torture myself by trying to get into full splits or handstand variations. As Alice says “Like you, most of us can’t put our foot behind our head. And yet we have the gall to call ourselves yoga teachers. Go figure.”

Myth 3: Yoga Teachers have an in-depth anatomical knowledge and can heal all ills

Truth 3: While I have done additional anatomy & physiology training, mostly because of other courses like my current Complementary Therapies course, I do NOT know what is wrong with your 5th lumbar vertebra or your dodgy digestive system and can only suggest that if something hurts, stop doing it! However, you know when we’re done and you’re resting in Savasana? You look so at peace that I want to wrap you in a blanket of my love and care and let you stay there forever… I hope it heals you, because it heals me to see you there.

I want to finish this week by saying that I LOVE being a Yoga Teacher and wish to thank you for supporting me in doing something I love for over 12 years now. If you want to join me next year there are just a couple of spaces left on my very first Yoga Teacher Training course.