Victoria’s Visibility Project

This is a series of vlogs (video-blogs) that Victoria is recording in the run up to her 40th Birthday on 21st January 2015.VVP logo

This is where I vlog from home in Northern Ireland.

This is where I announce the 4-week Visibility Project for the first time (and show you my bulging bookcases)!

This is the (real) first in my series of vlogs. I want people to see the real me, not the highlight reel from Social Media. I want my vlog to encourage others to start their own vlogs as an act of self-love and self-care, not of narcissism. So, this is real-time, no script, no edits (not even make-up!) face to camera ramble from me about how women are becoming increasingly invisible, especially on social media and how I want this project to help change that.

I believe that I can help you with your own visibility issues not just because of my “on paper” skills but also through the background as to why I acquired those skills because of not feeling good enough or qualified enough.

This is a continual theme for me and this project aims to address my harsh ego and self-critic and learn to be kinder to myself, thereby building my confidence and allowing me to be more visible.

Then if I, the Yoga Teacher and Pilates Instructor (who is used to being seen), can make myself more visible I can encourage you to do and be the same. After all, being visible does NOT mean being perfect (even if we’ve been told that all our lives).

May 17th 2014, In the first of a series of vlogs (which didn’t begin until FIVE months later!) I introduce myself and explain how I will be stepping up to “the real me” and leave behind years of procrastination and perfection paralysis.

NOTE: I mention a programme which I am no longer involved with – SPRINT – but I still recommend the work of Fiona Harrold. I also no longer have red hair! 😉

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