So, we’ve been stretching both body and mind for the last 6 days but what happens when you’re all stretched out?

First off, I have to confess – I am writing this because I am feeling all stretched out at the moment. I have done something to my “t” button on my laptop which means I have to retype a lot of words and it’s really slowing me down on the computer for even the most basic things. It’s amazing how often “t” comes up!

I have also done something to my shoulder/neck as I seem to have a trapped nerve or a relapse of my long-standing rotator cuff injury in my left arm. As many of you know, the right side of our brains controls the left side of our bodies and is related to our feminine, creative aspects so it represents the creative and emotional side of our personality.

If you want to get all simplistic about it, you could say that my left shoulder is sore because I am carrying a lot of emotional weight on my shoulders – we have made a major life change moving here and I have had a massive identity change in that I am no longer the breadwinner in my family.

I am also stressed because Gwen (my Mum) was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and I’m no longer there to support her. This is massive for me because I have been with her physically since she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2001. I have been an emotional and physical support to her for over 10 years and when I finally decide to take some time for myself and my husband she gets sick again.

Oops, I actually think I’ve just diagnosed my problem. Unfortunately it doesn’t solve it. Suggestions to cure my shoulder/neck or fix my “t” button are gratefully received!