Did you see my dramatic exit from the world of Facebook on Wednesday??Screenshot_2016-01-27-23-54-16

It was an all-caps declaration that I am done with the “blue beast” for a while. I need a break. The straw that broke the camel’s back was when I found myself scrolling through the news feed during phone calls to Mum and clicking on people she knows to tell her the gossip about them!

On top of scrolling through people’s lives I was the member of various groups (various? try 60!) and was a constant slave to the notifications button telling me someone I didn’t know in somewhere I’ve never been had done something I didn’t care about!

These groups are a hotbed of jealousy and gossip and I found myself deeply mired in comparisonitis, unable to move forward with my plans for StretchBodyMind, because someone else in the other side of the world was doing something similar and, in my opinion, their version would be better than mine ever could.

I told you a couple of weeks ago that I have big plans for new online courses. And so, for my own sanity, I needed to remove Facebook from my life in order to free up a huge chunk of time and mental energy to dedicate to creating these new courses, without second-guessing myself.

However, I haven’t gone completely cold turkey… I am still on Instagram and if I take a nice photograph I’ll share it with you there. You see, in spite of the huge numbers of handstand pics, I find Instagram to be inspiring rather than intimidating. I am also planning to continue this blog and welcome any comments below.

Please remember, this is just my opinion and how I’m feeling in this moment. Facebook has brought so much to my life – reintroducing me to old friends and helping me create new business partnerships – so I can’t see me leaving it for good. But, for now, it’s the best thing for me and my business.