Do you want to become

a Yoga Teacher?


Deepen your practice and understanding of yoga for your own personal development?


Share the life-changing gift of yoga with others?


Learn how to teach this ancient discipline or add it to your current repertoire?


Get an Internationally Recognised 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher Certificate from Yoga Alliance Professionals.


Command a higher rate of pay in gyms or start out on your own and do something you LOVE for a living?

Hi! I’m Victoria, the Founder of StretchBodyMind.

After 4 years of successfully teaching Pilates Instructors I started delivering my own brand of Yoga Teacher Training in Northern Ireland over five years ago.

I am now teaching in four UK locations

  • Magherafelt in Northern Ireland
  • Musselburgh in Scotland
  • Ulverston in England

and announcing for 2020/2021…

  •  Chester in England

where I am supported by four excellent Yoga Teachers in each location. (Read about them in the About Page).


At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate allowing you to teach Hatha yoga. During the course, in addition to the practical yoga teaching skills you’ll gain, you will also receive the latest in positive psychology, mindfulness meditation and Kundalini kriyas. In short, you’ll get a personal development education as well as professional development one!



There are a lot of different Yoga Teacher Training courses out there which can make it difficult to choose the one that’s right for you.

So, if you like…

  • Small class sizes (maximum 12 people per course) and lots of personal attention from your course tutors
  • Hands-on practice of teaching skills so you develop as a teacher rather than having to write essays to prove your worth as a student
  • A chance to try out different styles of hatha yoga to find the one that fits your style of teaching rather than having to teach to a set script
  • A personal development education using proven tools for transformation as well as professional development training
  • A shared learning experience in which you feel encouraged, accepted and part of a community no matter how advanced your asana practice

Then the StretchBodyMind Yoga Teacher Training is the one for you!



 Clicking this link will take you to PayPal where you can pay your deposit. You will then be directed to a welcome page where you can fill in your application form.  



The entire StretchBodyMind Yoga Teacher Training curriculum is designed around the following elements:


as these 3 elements are the cornerstone of StretchBodyMind Founder Victoria’s Yoga Teaching and Pilates Instruction.

The FOUNDATION element includes:

  • Yoga history

  • Health and Safety

  • Western Anatomy and Physiology

  • Sanskrit (the language of Yoga)

  • Asana

  • Pranayama

The EXPRESSION element includes:

  • Yoga philosophy (the important texts of Yoga)

  • Different styles of Yoga

  • Eastern Anatomy and Physiology

  • Mantras (including OM)

  • The Voice of the Teacher

  • The science behind adjusting clients

    The VISION element includes:

    • Planning classes

    • Sequencing

    • Theming

    • Mudras

    • Meditation/Relaxation

    • An Introduction to Ayurveda



    I am fully committed to the StretchBodyMind Yoga Teacher Training and I want you to be sure that you are too. For this reason there are NO refunds.

    While I am offering an installment option, it is important to remember that by paying your deposit you are committing to the full programme and will have to pay the full amount, even if you drop out of the training. You will also not be allowed to graduate until you have paid the remainder of the course costs.