As you know, last week was all about the grounding technique of dry body brushing. I also mentioned that after my shower I massage in some oil. I’ve been doing this for years. Way back in the olden days (I’m talking when I was at school so … 25 years ago!) I used to use Johnson’s Baby Oil but now that I know better, I do better!

Mineral oil (such as what you get in Johnson’s Baby Oil) is good at trapping in the moisture which is why I initially used it. At university I moved on to sweet almond oil because it fitted with my vegetarian lifestyle and it had the added benefit of being absorbed easily. Then, just a couple of years ago, I realised another ambition and qualified as a Complementary Therapist which incorporated Aromatherapy. Suddenly I was able to add essential oils to my plain sweet almond oil and give myself a brain boost with the addition of different oils to benefit my hypothalamus and affect all my body’s systems as a result.

However, it can be a bit (or a LOT) fiddly to add drops of essential oils in a certain blend to rub on after a shower. In fact, by the time I’ve located the essential oils I want and counted the drops into the correct concentration of sweet almond oil the water from my shower has well and truly dried in! So imagine my delight when I discovered Yogandha oils earlier this year.

Gandha is sanskrit for fragrance and the fragrant substances – woods, herbs, plants and resins – sandalwood, myrrh, cedarwood, jasmine, etc. that have been filling ashrams and rubbed on the skin for over four thousand years of yoga practice. These fragrant ingredients enhance the yogic state, and when used at other times help bring us back to that state.

Yogandha was created by Yoga Teacher Sinead Duffy in 2013 when she developed 3 rollerballs for use before and during yoga class and 3 body oil blends for use after class or, as I use it, after my morning shower. I loved the story behind the products and the fact that 5% of profits go to Women for Women International so I ordered them all. And I’ve been so impressed with the quality of the oils that I offered them as samples at the OM Yoga Show.

yogandhaI am excited to be involved in a Taster Day at Harvey Nichols in Edinburgh NEXT Friday 29th April where you can Experience, Awaken, Indulge with a luxurious aromatherapy massage (by yours truly!) tailored to your every need.

with our Yogandha Relax aromatherapy massage. Rich lavender &
grounding vetiver to unwind into a restful state & deeper sleep.

with our Yogandha Detox aromatherapy massage. Refreshing
lemongrass & cleansing juniperberry to cleanse & purify the body.

with our Yogandha Muscle Soothe aromatherapy massage. Warm,
foresty tones of ginger & marjoram relieves & revives tired limbs.

It costs £35 for 45mins (which is redeemable on any Yogandha purchase) and there are still a couple of spaces available. So if you would like to join me then call  0131 524 8388 to book.