I always like to have something to obsess about and this time I get to live-out my childhood obsession with Ballet because we use a Ballet barre (and I wear a tutu – well, at home perhaps!) during the class.

ballerina_cartoon_girlI discovered Barre training in early 2012 when I first read about Lotte Berk and her classes specifically for women to tighten and tone their legs and bums.

I thought my tum had been sorted with Pilates and my flexibility was excellent because of yoga but what woman couldn’t do with a bum lift so I explored this further. I found some online videos I could practice with (not as rude as it sounds) and then, in November 2012 I trained in Manchester as a BarreConcept Instructor.

Unfortunately I have been so far unable to complete my BarreConcept exam and therefore am not a certified teacher. However, this may be a blessing in disguise for me, as the BarreConcept method was a little quick for me. Basically it’s like what Zumba is to a Salsa dancer – basically just an aerobics version of the real thing.

I am not saying this to denigrate the trainer who I have a lot of respect for but I have since worked with Carole (who was a Callanetics Teacher back in the day – a discipline that owes a lot to Lotte Berk) to develop our own style of Barre training: The Stretch Barre Method.

I look forward to teaching this Method to you at the Stretch Scotland studio or online and I am really looking forward to training other people to teach it too. So watch out for my classes and courses coming very VERY soon!