Day 3:

I messed up this morning and didn’t give myself enough time. However, I refuse to believe I’ve failed already! So I am about to do this great night-time sequence from Sarah Ivanhoe’s DVD ‘Yoga on the Edge’. According to her blurb:

The workouts have a unique spontaneity and authenticity because they were created “in the moment” — Sara didn’t pre-plan the moves. Instead, she let her feelings and surroundings guide the movement selection (so every pose isn’t perfect, and she doesn’t expect yours to be perfect either). “Sunrise” is the first workout; it’s the most challenging with the largest variety of positions. “High Noon” is next; it’s focused on breath and balance. “Sunset” is the last program; it’s designed to calm your mind and body at day’s end.

I hit Sky+ on this bad boy months ago and have enjoyed doing it in the past. And it’s just what I need tonight because my next batch of Pilates Instructors sit their practical exam tomorrow!