I want to begin by apologising to anyone who was concerned about me after reading my last blog post. I did not mean to cause concern with my honest comments about the things that are wrong in my life at present. I had hoped that the second half of the post which listed the ways I plan to move forward would show you that I am addressing my weight and my mood. And, don’t forget that part of our “move forward plan” involves moving to a bigger place in a town that will be better suited to us.

Having said that, I’m still fat and I am making no apologies for that.

There is far too much fat shaming in our society and I don’t want to be part of that. I believe that the gap between the yoga teachers/fitness instructors/lifestyle gurus and their audience is getting bigger. As these gurus come along with their Instagram-filtered pictures of advanced yoga poses or intensive weights routines we follow them from afar but don’t atually do what they tell us to. For example, we are buying more cookbooks than ever but ordering more takeaways. I, for one, have drooled over the sugar-free, grain-free, raw, vegan recipes in my latest cookbook while I was tucking into a Mars Bar and a cup of (builders’) tea!

I think it’s okay to be a bit overweight because it reflects our busy lifestyles where multi-tasking takes the place of meal preparation. And that’s where I’ve been for a while. However, I know that as a Yoga Teacher and Pilates Instructor (and a Teacher Trainer) I am a leader and have a responsibility to represent healthier lifestyle choices. Having said that, my students and clients who have been to my classes know that I didn’t always make those healthy choices. In fact, my old Tuesday Pilates class used to laugh at my “2 for Tuesdays” pizza delivery right after class!

So, in the spirit of my new honest blog, I am admitting that I have a poor diet which, combined with a lack of exercise, has led to this weight gain. Furthermore, I am determined to do something about it before I fall into the obese category. And I fully intend to tell you about this as the blog progresses this year. However,

and this is important,

I am not expecting anyone to follow my lead. I don’t want you to feel that YOU have to change anything about yourself. I truly believe in you and think you’re perfect as you are. But if there’s something you want to change about yourself and you’d like some accountability then why not declare it in the comments below or on the Facebook page.